About Us

About Us

The Black Shuck Gin story began during the Summer of 2011, when Patrick and Sarah Saunders together with their children Leanne, Nicola and William had a dream to start their own business.  The original aim was to have a family project which could supplement their pensions in the years to come.  Little did they know that 6 years later both Sarah & Patrick would be working on the business full time.edp_image

In the Autumn of 2011 many Saturday and Sunday mornings were spent gathering sloes in a quest to make the best Sloe Gin ever to be tasted.  No less than 15 trials were then started, each using different amounts of each key ingredient.

It was in the Autumn of 2012 that the whole family attended their first event with an opening stock of around 300 bottles of Sloe Gin and 100 boxes of Sloe Gin Truffles.   By the end of the afternoon they had received numerous compliments and sold several bottles and truffles.

Over the next two years the family worked tirelessly on new ideas and four more fruit liqueurs were added to the Black Shuck range. 

During 2013 they once again enlisted the help of family and friends as they began work on a recipe for Black Shuck Gin. The family have always taken inspiration from the stunning North Norfolk Coast and the recipe for the Gin was no exception. It took over two years of recipe development before Patrick and Sarah were completely happy with the results. Those who have tried Black Shuck Gin, since its launch in December 2015, agree it was time well spent.

Every year the family attend numerous festivals, tastings and fayres across Norfolk.  It’s an important way for them to gather feedback directly from their customers. Additionally, the family has always been keen to support local organisations and charities. Last year they raised £2000 for Wells Carnival.   Furthermore they are proud to sponsor Fakenham netball team ‘Norfolk Sloes’ and Hindringham Football Club.

As for the future….. well this is a family that doesn’t stand still so watch this space



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